Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan
Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan

Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan

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Have you ever dreamt that you had the power to control the things in your house telepathically? Like with just the power of your mind you're able to switch off the lights or turn it back on. Well honestly, who doesn't? While we can't really turn you into a superhero (we secretly wish we could), we might just have the next best solution for you: Smart Bulbs in Pakistan. 

A device, with the help of a phone and a WiFi, empowers you to control your lights from just about anywhere! Whether you're out on a vacation in Bahamas, sipping a glass of coconut water or just chilling in your bed, we give you full control over your lights and that's not all our bulb is equipped with several other features, lets break it down below.

Lighting Facts

What It Does 

Wake You Up

If you're someone who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning our bulb is the perfect fit for you. Equipped with a special timer feature which will make it turn on automatically at a specific time.

Help You Relax

In Pakistan, we get tensed due to several reason. With our Smart Bulb, you can create an ambience in your room that will help you get relaxed and forgo all of your stress.

Set The Vibe Of The Room

Our bulb enables you to paint your room in any color of light. Feeling a little intimate? change the color to paradise pink. Want to relax, change the color to candle light orange! Want to improve your focus, switch it back to white. In brief, if you're feeling a mood, we've got a color to match it!

Light Up Your Event

Having a party? Give your event a colourful gesture so the guests can have the time of their lives. 

Control It With Your Voice

Our bulb seamlessly integrates with Google Home and Alexa, enabling you to control your lights with your voice.

Enhance Your Gaming Setup

One obvious benefit is the ability to choose your lighting with consideration toward the mood of the game you are playing. Are you preparing to raze the gates of Hell in an epic Doom Eternal marathon? Consider bathing the room in deep crimson red! Taking to the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator? A light blue may just set the proper mood








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