Smart Plug in Pakistan
Smart Plug in Pakistan
Smart Plug in Pakistan

Smart Plug in Pakistan

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The problem solver that you didn't know existed!

  • Remote Connection: Control devices that are connected with The Lit Plug with a tap on your screen. Feeling cold at night, and want to turn off your fan without getting up from your bed? Well now you can do this by connecting your fan to our Smart Plug, and turn it off from your phone!
  • Timer: Set timers on when you want to turn on/off your daily used appliances. For example, connect your phone charger with the plug and never worry of over charging your phone battery. You can set timer to turn off the plug in an hour, this way you don't waste electricity and save a fortune on replacing batteries.
  • Make your lamp lights smart: Don't want to pay for a Smart Bulb? No worries, we got you covered here as well! Connect your lamp with our plug and now you will be able to turn your lights on and off, and also schedule them.

*We have updated the plug. The input is now US and output fits in US sockets. If you don't have a US socket, it is safe to use travel adapter for conversion.*

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