TV Sync LED Strip in Pakistan
TV Sync LED Strip in Pakistan
TV Sync LED Strip in Pakistan

TV Sync LED Strip in Pakistan

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    • Effortlessly apply our TV LED backlight strip by peeling off the double-sided tape on the back and securing it behind your TV. Crafted with robust self-adhesive tape, it ensures a stable attachment. For added convenience, position the camera at the center top of your TV. This strip enhances your TV decor while minimizing energy consumption.


    • Our intelligent 1080p camera captures onscreen colors and seamlessly applies them to your TV backlights, delivering a high-resolution and precise color reproduction. (Note: The camera is solely for color capture and not intended for projection or audio functions.)
    • Choose from 16 bright colors and enjoy three control methods: ① App Control – Experience the captivating RGB TV LED Backlight effects using our "Smart Life" app, available on Google Play and Apple Store. ② Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice-controlled operation.


    • The LED lights' control box features a built-in microphone, allowing synchronization with your favorite tunes. Select from four dynamic modes (Energetic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling) to infuse vibrant and dancing colors into your holiday gatherings.

Why Our Strips?

180 Days Replacement Warranty

    If at anytime you encounter any issues with the strip, we will immediately replace it.

    Strong 3M Tape at the Back

      In Pakistan, we are the first company that have equipped strong industry standard 3M tape at the back which will ensure your strip doesn't fall you stick it.

      Long Lasting

        Our LED Strip is designed in a way that helps the heat escape from the strip and give it a long lasting life.

        Free 7 Day Return Policy

          Don't like the strip? We will take it back, no questions asked. 



          • WiFi Adapter 
          • 5 Meters LED Strip
          • Infrared Remote Control
          • 12V Power Supply
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          Customer Reviews

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          Even though both LED Strips are controlled with phone the difference is in the modes.

          Dream LED Strip is able to generate a rainbow color on the strip. In other words, it can emit, red, blue, purple, yellow, green etc all at once on the strip. Smart LED strip however can only show one color at a time

          In addition, Dream LED Strip has much better and immersive music mode

          Standard LED Strip is controlled with an IR Remote whereas Smart LED Strip can be controlled with both IR Remote and your mobile phone

          Yes! There is one year replacement warranty. So anything goes wrong, it will be replaced right away.

          We use Smart Life App. It's available on both iOS and Android

          Yes you can cut every three LEDs

          Yes! It can be extended up to 20 Meters. However, you may need a high powered power adapter