Smart Universal Remote
Smart Universal Remote
Smart Universal Remote
Smart Universal Remote
Smart Universal Remote

Smart Universal Remote

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Control your home appliances from your phone!
  • All in One Control 
Say goodbye to dozens of remote. Now you can combine the remotes of infrared home appliances in one Larkkey Smart IR. Large IR data base: cover 98% IR remote function, update automatically on cloud. Supports 50,000+ IR (IR only, no RF) controlled devices,including your Air Conditioner, TV, TV Box, DVD, Audio, satellite, PVR and more. You can customize for your family and enjoy the peace-of-mind.

  • Remote Control From Anywhere
This WiFi-IR universal remote controller turns your smart phone or tablet into a universal remote and integrates control of home
entertainment and home automation devices in Larkkey App or Smart Life APP, allowing you to control all your IR home devices via a
unified dashboard from anywhere.
Auto Match & Manual Learning Optional It can Compatible with Alexa/Google Home.

  • Easy to control
Different family members control the same Smart IR on different mobile with sharing key function.

  • DIY Learning Function
Stable and reliable IR signal integrates all your IR (38KHz) controlled devices into Smart Life APP  on smart
phone. In consideration of IR features, please don't put any obstructions between smart IR and appliances.

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