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Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan

Regular price Sale price Rs.2,399.00

Have you ever dreamt that you had the power to control the things in your house telepathically? Like with just the power of your mind you're able to switch off the lights or turn it back on. Well honestly, who doesn't? While we can't really turn you into a superhero (we secretly wish we could), we might just have the next best solution for you: Smart Bulbs in Pakistan. 

A device, with the help of a phone and a WiFi, empowers you to control your lights from just about anywhere! Whether you're out on a vacation in Bahamas, sipping a glass of coconut water or just chilling in your bed, we give you full control over your lights and that's not all our bulb is equipped with several other features, lets break it down below.

About the bulb

7 Reasons you must switch to our Smart Bulb 

You won't only be stuck with White

Gone is the time where the bulb used to emit just one boring color, WHITE! With a smart bulb, you can change the color according to your mood. Feeling a little intimate? change the color to paradise pink. Want to relax, change the color to candlelight orange! Want to improve your focus, switch it back to white. In brief, if you're feeling a mood, we've got a color to match it!

You can turn it on and off while lying in your bed

Had a rough day at work? Don't have enough energy to get up and turn off the lights, just do it from your phone while lying comfortably under your blanket.

It will Wake You Up

If you're someone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning our bulb is the perfect fit for you. Equipped with a special timer feature which will make it turn on automatically at a specific time.

It will Help You Relax

In Pakistan, we get tensed due to several reason. With our Smart Bulb, you can create an ambience in your room that will help you get relaxed and forgo all of your stress.

It will light Up Your Party

Having a party? Give your event a colourful gesture so the guests can have the time of their lives. 

You can control it With Your Voice

Our bulb seamlessly integrates with Google Home and Alexa, enabling you to control your lights with your voice.

It will make your YouTube and Instagram videos stand out

Does the background of your Insta or Youtube videos seems too plain? Add some mood to it with our Smart Bulbs. 

Why The Lit Company's Smart Bulb?

Loved all over Pakistan! ūüíö

We are proud to say our bulb is being used and loved all over the country. From Skardu to Karachi, Pakistani's are loving our premium high-quality Smart Bulb.


People have been using it for more than 2 years. 

One of the main concerns about LED bulbs is that they will fuse with a few days or weeks. However, our bulbs have been rigorously tested to survive beyond two years. In fact, we still hear from our customers how they have been still using it and it lasted beyond their expectations.

It's not cheap but it's worth the price.

Now you may have found a dirt-cheap Smart Bulb and may be thinking why should I pay extra when I can buy from somewhere else for half the price. Here's a little secret! Not ALL Smart Bulbs are the same! Some can have connectivity issues, others may have poor brightness, and some can easily fuse out. However, with our smart bulb, you can be assured you won't be facing any such petty issues. We have made sure it's best of the best and on par with premium Smart Bulbs brands.

Installs in Seconds!

Fortunately, our bulb is super easy to install. You DON'T need an electrician and neither do you need to be super geeky about all this technology stuff. Just about anyone can install it.

We're always here to help you out

Do you have problems? Don't worry, we have solutions! Our team is just a message away. Do you have questions about the installation? we're here to help! Want an update on your delivery status? We are here to help. Want to avail our 7-day free return policy? We are here to help.





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Nebula Galaxy TikTok Sky Light Projector
Galaxy Lamp in Pakistan
Galaxy Projector
Galaxy Projector
Galaxy Projector
Bedroom Skylite projector

Galaxy Projector

Regular price Rs.7,499.00
  • Colors: The Lit Galaxy Projector comes with 6 different breathtaking colours.
  • Modes: This projector have different modes, where you can turn the moon and start lights on/off. There is also an Ocean wave mode. Also, the galaxy projector can react to music sound.

  • Wireless: Going to a party? The projector has a built-in battery, which means you don't need to plug it to the power every time you want to use it. Just charge and you should be good for 2-3 hours.

  • Quality: Our customers love our products because of their quality. We have made no exceptions for The Lit Galaxy Projector. This is the best galaxy projector available in Pakistan.

7 reasons why you should own a Projector.

Instantly turns a boring room into a whole vibe

Charge your projector, close the curtains, and power On. Boom! Your room is a whole different vibe now.

6 Breathtaking Colors in one projector

Our Galaxy Projector can emit up to 6 breathtaking colors, Pink Nebula, Deep Sea Blue, Emerald Green, Sunset Yellow, Ocean Blue and Crimson Red.

Watch Movies Under the Stars

Ever wanted to watch a movie in the open air, under the stars? You can now experience the same magical atmosphere, right in your room with your special one or by yourself.

For your Gham Hour

Do you know that late-night 4 am vibe when you're feeling all down and sad. When you don't feel like doing anything but lie in your bed. When you feel like listening to Yakeen by Atif Aslam on repeat. Yes, that feeling! While this projector will certainly not alleviate your sadness but it will certainly make your room a lot more comfortable place to be in.  

Bring Northern lights in your room

Accept it you've, at least once in your life, you've craved to see those magical northern lights in person. Sitting in a camp at night, cozied up in your tent, and just experiencing the magic with your eyes. Well, who doesn't want to do that? but honestly, it could be an awfully expensive experience. So until you're able to save up for your dream trip our projector can do a pretty neat job creating a similar sight right on the roof of your room. 

That perfect gift you were looking for

Okay, so you've been searching the internet for weeks or maybe even MONTHS trying to figure out what that perfect gift is going to be. iPhone 13? Sounds great but you can't really afford to lose another kidney, can you? What else, a perfume, a watch, jewelry? but all of that is too mainstream now! Introducing *drum rolls please* Nebula Galaxy Projector. Surprise your loved one with this unique and totally unexpected gift. We can guarantee when this projector lights up their room, they will totally love you for it.

For when your light goes out

Okay, not something you would have expected, and neither did we until we ourselves experienced an 8-hour power outage. The projector came in extremely handy to light up the whole room for a good three hours and helped us remain sane. Ohh and since it was just the size of our palm, we easily moved it from one room to another. So if you keep your projector fully charged this projector may come in pretty handy next time WAPDA or KESC acts up.



  • Galaxy Projector
  • Charging Cable
  • Manual

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High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan
High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan
High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan
High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan
High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan

High Quality Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan

Sale price Rs.2,999.99

What makes The Lit Strip is so special?

  • Multicolour: Our LED Strip is capable of emitting up-to 16 colors, while simultaneously giving you full control over brightness¬†levels.
  • Strong Tape: It is very easy to install and has a strong hold on most kind of materials which can give lasting strength.
  • Good Brightness: Our LED Strip is one of the brightest Strip available in the market at the given cost. For geeks it's 5050 SMD and have 60 LEDs per meter!
  • Remote Control: You can control the LED Strip with a touch of button on your remote control.
  • Support & Service: Get our LED Strip with a peace of mind as our device is backed with up to 90 Days of replacement warranty.

5 Reasons Why this strip is better than a CHEAP LED Strip

It can produce up to 16 individual Colors

Now you may be like, 16 only? That's not a big deal! But you know what? Cheap LED Strips can only produce 3 COLORS! Yes, you read that right ONLY 3! In other words, they will light up only Red, Green, and Blue. Isn't that a bummer? Fortunately, with our LED strip you can light up any color you want whether you're in a mood for purple, yellow, or pink. We have it covered.


It won't fall after you stick

The most frustrating thing about a cheap LED Strip is the TAPE. As soon as you stick, it will fall off and then the never-ending struggle begins. You'll have to either use scotch tape or a super strong glue, to make sure it stays in place. Can you imagine how incredibly messy and time-wasting would it be? Instead of creating the vibe, it would just ruin it. Fortunately, we have sourced LED strips with Extra Ordinary-strong tape so your strip remains in place for months!

You can paste it on your ceiling 

If you're looking for a strip to cover all FOUR sides of your wall, a cheap led strip won't be enough. That's because most cheap LED strips are only 5 meters in length. But our LED Strip can be EXTENDED up to 15 meters in length so you can cover your whole room.

It's Bright!!

Our LED Strips are assembled with premium LEDs that are not only long-lasting but also brighter than the cheap LED Strips.

You can upgrade it to Mobile Controlled

So let's suppose you got a remote-controlled led strip because you were on a tight budget but now you have some extra cash and want to upgrade your setup. No worries, you'll just need a WiFi Controller and VIOLA, your remote-controlled LED Strip is now Mobile Controlled. NO need to peel off the strip and buy new ones.

Free Replacement Warranty

Our remote-controlled LED strip is covered with a FREE Replacement Warranty. So if anything goes wrong we will replace it with a new one for FREE. On top of that, we also provide a 7 Day return policy so if you're not in 100% love with the strip you can send it back and get a full refund on your purchase.

What other people are saying about our strips





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